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The Story So Far (& Future Plans!)

A behind the scenes look at the Freedom Project & becoming a Female Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Wow, it’s been a crazy ride. Through personal discovery, taking control and all that jazz. Discovering there’s a lot more opportunity out there than we let ourselves believe. To going all in on a traditional corporate career ladder before taking […]

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How to develop a clear vision


5 Habits to Create More Time


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Dream life, dream home

I used to say it would lovely to have a house like this one. To earn double the money and have a house in France. As if it were just a pipe dream. I didn’t realise but all the people I envied weren’t lucky b****es. They simply made a committed decision and started to be […]

The Power of Decisions to Create your Dream Life


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build a social media following

Whether you love it or loath it, becoming an expert influencer, can be made easier if you build a social media following. And it’s one of the biggest FREE marketing techniques to leverage. I don’t know about you but I’m perfectly comfortable with recording a podcast, giving a talk or writing a blog. But put […]

How to build a social media following for your business


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How many times have you had that burst of inspiration? Set your goals and before you know it life gets in the way. I remember writing out my big goals 5 years ago, feeling like I’d finally figured out what I wanted to do. Then before I knew it a week had gone by and […]

How to Set Goals & Achieve Them


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Clear Vision- successful-female-entrepreneur-feel-like-true-self

For a business that allows you to live your dream life. A clear vision helps focus your mind on the destination and every action conscious and subconscious will find a way to help you there. On the entrepreneurial journey it can sometimes feel like walking into the unknown. Without a clear vision it’s no surprise […]

How to develop a clear vision


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