How to Set Goals & Achieve Them

June 19, 2022

How many times have you had that burst of inspiration? Set your goals and before you know it life gets in the way. I remember writing out my big goals 5 years ago, feeling like I’d finally figured out what I wanted to do. Then before I knew it a week had gone by and […]

7 Steps to Create a Business in 2022
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How many times have you had that burst of inspiration? Set your goals and before you know it life gets in the way.

I remember writing out my big goals 5 years ago, feeling like I’d finally figured out what I wanted to do. Then before I knew it a week had gone by and I hadn’t found a scrap of time. 

By the fourth week of internet surfing and binging on social media, that resulting in me feeling like a complete fraud, I had decided it was never going to happen. Who the hell was I kidding? Learn to be happy with what you have and why do you keep wanting more? 

Sound familiar?

We do so much to deter ourselves, set us up for failure and lack of belief. I used a busy corporate job, exhaustion, the kids, my husband and other projects as an excuse for my lack of progress.

Not now. I know you can create more freedom.

That you have the Personal Power to create a business that works for your life and that this year can be the start of creating your dream life, your masterpiece , your life’s work of art. If you decide and never look back.

5 Steps to Set Goals & Actually Achieve Them

1. Create the most compelling future goal

A vision, a mission, that lights you up. Most of us aren’t thinking big enough. We’re stuck setting boring goals because we don’t believe it will never happen. You don’t want to spend years with an uphill struggle. You want to feel the pull, that you are intrinsically drawn to pursue your goal. Even if some of the tasks seem boring. 

Write this down in so much detail that it feels real. You can start to imagine it done, how you will feel, behave and who you will have become. 

Read this regular place your vision board and goal in a place where you will see this often and most compelling read this day and night to prime your brain and feed this into your subconscious. 

2. Take Immediate Action

No matter how small taking an action whether it be sending an email, creating your first post or reaching out can create a mental start. One that you must celebrate and share with everyone. 

The worst thing we can do is set goals and then never even take a single step. Right now you are primed with a vision, you simply need to take it forward one step at a time. 

Schedule the next 3 steps

Open your diary and schedule the next three actions! 

3. Build your own mastermind

Talk to your friends, family anyone who will listen. Go to events, networking and tell absolutely everyone. And build your own mastermind. We know Henry Ford did this and Napoleon Hill talked about this in his success philosophy book ‘Think and grow Rich’.

Surround yourself with supportive people, together we can do more.

4. Strive for excellence 

Always think about what is the best service you can possibly deliver and then go the extra mile 10X.

Personal growth as an entrepreneur never stops. You will never be there but you can always be working towards your own excellence. Striving for bigger and better 

5. Beat procrastination & maintain motivation

1. Celebrate every win

Physically check off a list, share and celebrate progress. Noticing everyday all the progress you have made.

2. Habit Stack

While building out new habits, attach these to rituals you already have. It’ll make it easier to start and develop new habits. Like posting on social media by stacking it with your coffee routine.

3. Use False Starts

Sometimes you can’t get going. But if you do the momentum is an incredible force.  Promise yourself that everyday you will write one line, or record 60 seconds of video. Something so small you can’t get out of it. Pretty soon you’ll start on this premise and before you know it have written pages.

4. Rewards

Rewards can be a great way to retrain your brain that the new routine is not scary or bad. Good thing  happen.

5. Keep your attention on that big vision

By engaging with your vision daily you’ll develop clarity, start to step into the role. Train your subconscious to take action.

Achieve your goals faster

Never set another unmet goal again. Make your dreams happen. 
Get my FREE Goal Setting Guide.

Time to start setting goals you actually achieve

I know you can achieve any dream you set your heart on, now you need to make it happen. 

Sue x

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