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The Story So Far (& Future Plans!)

A behind the scenes look at the Freedom Project & becoming a Female Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Wow, it’s been a crazy ride. Through personal discovery, taking control and all that jazz. Discovering there’s a lot more opportunity out there than we let ourselves believe. To going all in on a traditional corporate career ladder before taking […]

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This blog is a collection of the best lifestyle business building advice that's working right now.
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Sue Parker on How to Write your first best selling book

Ever wondered what it would be like to write your first best selling book? And how good it would feel to not have writers block or procrastinate? To feel the clarity and confidence of having put together all your ideas as an author? To build credibility, authority and give you the opportunity to do the […]

How to write your first best selling book

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Comparison in the thief of joy

Do you dream of escaping the rat race, ditching your boss and a 9-5 to work when you want. To do what feels purposeful, break the glass ceiling and do work that works for your life? you might be questioning how did I get here? Questioning your career choices  Yes perhaps every New Year comes […]

7 Things to do before leaving your 9-5 job

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Why you should start now

I was literally stuck in no man’s land. Neither loving what I had nor doing anything about it.  Yet I’d procrastinate over starting anything. I knew for many years how to start. But I made thousands of excuses why I shouldn’t? Do you do that? I’m not ready I’d say, I need to wait until […]

Why you should start now


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Essential tech tools & systems for your business

You might be overwhelmed, stressed, have no time with everything you have to do and feel on the verge of burnout. Having good systems and processes will free up your time to do the thing you love so much. There is a minefield of tech tools out there, you may have tried some really expensive […]

What are the Essential Tech Tools & Systems for My Lifestyle Business

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Talking About your brand story on the podcast with Anika

With Anika Jackson brand Strategist and founder of Your Brand Amplified, we talk about the importance of your brand story, integrated marketing (what even is that?) The biggest mistake we make with our brand. Anika is a mother, community volunteer, philanthropist, and brand strategist. So we inevitably talk about how she makes it all work. […]

How to Find your Brand Story


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Dream life, dream home

I used to say it would lovely to have a house like this one. To earn double the money and have a house in France. As if it were just a pipe dream. I didn’t realise but all the people I envied weren’t lucky b****es. They simply made a committed decision and started to be […]

The Power of Decisions to Create your Dream Life


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build a social media following

Whether you love it or loath it, becoming an expert influencer, can be made easier if you build a social media following. And it’s one of the biggest FREE marketing techniques to leverage. I don’t know about you but I’m perfectly comfortable with recording a podcast, giving a talk or writing a blog. But put […]

How to build a social media following for your business


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Our money blocks are capable of sabotaging the best business idea. And leaving you broke. They’re also the reason why you might be reluctant to leave a 9-5. If there is one thing that holds many of us back from taking the leap into entrepreneurship and following our passion its money.  Fact is for many […]

5 Money Blocks Holding you Back & What to Do About it

Financial Freedom

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Incorporating Passive Income into your business and life is a ‘must do’ to achieve any freedom from the office. One of the biggest reasons for NOT starting a business is that you’ll be working longer hours than any job. So how will I ever have time for the kids? It seems to like the idea […]

5 Passive Income Ideas For Your Freedom Lifestyle

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