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A behind the scenes look at the Freedom Project & becoming a Female Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Wow, it’s been a crazy ride. Through personal discovery, taking control and all that jazz. Discovering there’s a lot more opportunity out there than we let ourselves believe. To going all in on a traditional corporate career ladder before taking […]

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We like it freedom & purpose

I had the privilege of sitting down with my best friend Vicky, and delving deep into her remarkable journey of leaving her cozy life in the UK to embark on a new adventure in France. Where she shared her initial fears and doubts about the move, along with the overwhelming sense of loneliness and isolation […]

Starting a New Life in France: Leaving Comfort & the 9-5, Living Courageously


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Comparison in the thief of joy

We’re talking taboo subjects here.. comparing yourself to others and feeling jealous! Do you ever find yourself being triggered by other people’s seeming success and experiencing feelings of envy and jealousy? I know hard to admit publicly right. In this episode I wanted to take a look at why we can end up feeling like […]

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Entrepreneurs and Feeling Jealous


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Failure is not the end of your story quote

In my journey to becoming an entrepreneur, it’s been a roller coaster of internal emotions and mindset challenges. In this show I wanted to share 7 powerful mindset changes that I’ve worked on, journaled my way and been coached through in becoming a successful entrepreneur. So that you can know you’re not alone and confidently […]

7 Powerful Mindset Changes To Become A Successful Entrepreneur


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What is a domain name? The domain name is simply the web address for your website. For example, amazon.com, sueparker.io, zoom.com, tonyrobbins.com are all domain names. What’s a domain name extension? This is the top level domain extension after the dot, for example .com, .co.uk, .team, .io, .club, .biz, .org etc. So which domain extension […]

How to chose a domain name for your business?

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Creating Connection with your audience is your secret weapon.  When you’re starting your own business and trying to build an audience it can be too easy to forget you’re a human.  That above all else all people want to feel understood. When we feel connection to another our emotions do the buying for us.  Yet […]

How to create connection with your audience & ideal customers

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Sue Parker / Confidence

Have you ever felt your confidence take a beating just in the moments when you could do with an instant confidence boost? Like when you’re about to attend a networking event, a conference or go live. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could just summon the confidence whenever you need it to clear the brain […]

Instant Confidence when you need it


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Sue Parker - Productivity

Every entrepreneur, side-hustler or mumpreneur needs some good productivity habits to become outrageously productive and that’s just our topic today! Ever caught yourself wishing you had more time, but at the same time feeling guilty because you didn’t make the most of what you had.  It’s the most precious resource yet you might have spent […]

3 Productivity Habits


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Dealing with Overwhelm: Positive Inner Voice 2

Entrepreneurs, new mums, side hustlers, overwhelm is real for all of us, learning how to deal with overwhelm, will help you out your entire life. Ok so this weekend I had a total meltdown. To get you up to speed, I’m now expecting our third baby and it’s the moment I decided that I want […]

How to deal with overwhelm


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Positive Inner Voice 4

Grab my Free Printable Positive Inner Voice Cards

Positive Inner Voice


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