5 Habits to Create More Time

June 19, 2022

Time has to be the biggest blocker and most limiting resource of all from building a business on the side of your job. I had to work a lot on my productivity and habits. Over the years this helped me to carve out time for doing a masters while being a working mum. To building […]

7 Steps to Create a Business in 2022
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Time has to be the biggest blocker and most limiting resource of all from building a business on the side of your job.

I had to work a lot on my productivity and habits. Over the years this helped me to carve out time for doing a masters while being a working mum. To building a side hustle while working a demanding career and two kids under 5. 

Imagine what this time next year could look like if you could just get time management under control!

Here’s my top 5 for creating more time to work on the side business:

5 Ways to create more time 

1. Creative multitasking 

Without a doubt, intentional creative multitasking is the most valuable habit I have.

I no longer stress about lack of personal development. I use every single commute, solo walk and gym session to listen to audio books on self development, business and all audio related course content. My growth day app and podcasts feed my brain and can yours too.

You can double up any tasks that don’t both require a conscious mind. Thee are so many habitual autopilot actives in a day. Like household chores or a spot of decorating. Are an excuses to immerse in the learning and research for business.  

2. Wake up earlier

Did I just say that?

From hitting the snooze 6 times after already setting my alarm later than I should, I have gone from being the mum who is rushing around every morning.

To waking over an hour and a half before the kids. Having a calm and focussed start to the day, editing a podcast, writing a blog, planning my day. I am just so much more focused. And because I’ve got that momentum, it’s an easier habit to keep. 

I’d recommend setting your alarm half an hour earlier for a week, and getting earlier as the weeks go on. I was surprised at how good I felt. In the past, I was so tired I thought I needed more sleep, but I now see that I was probably getting too much.

What you do in the morning really makes a difference to how you spend the day. 

3. Have Rules About Email

Picture this, you immediately wake and grab your phone. Before you know it you are knee-deep in emails and messages, other peoples dramas or requests. Your needle moving tasks are now way down the list.

You spend the rest of the morning distracted and trying to knock out low value quick wins when in reality you’re achieving nothing.

I think the turning point for me was when I realised how much more progress I made when I delayed these tasks.

Even as an entrepreneur I still schedule a half-hour slot to check in on email at 11 and another at 3 pm. Some days I may be more present on there.

But it’s incredible how the reduced distraction and discipline on email has gained me time. 

4. Delegate and Share Responsibilities

Delegation the most resisted time management advice of all time. Beliefs like, no one can do it, or I might as well do it myself. Like somehow I’d be a failure if I couldn’t single-handedly run the household, hold down a corporate career, run a side-hustle, manage the kids…. 

I’ve learnt the hard way to ask for help, give away tasks, and trust to someone else. Whether it’s paying the nursery bill, getting the shopping every other week or managing your social media feed.

In business this keep you working in your business, chained to your desk instead of working on your business. Ultimately it blocks your progress and prevents you from stepping away to earn passive income.

When Ronke Babjide was launching her platform, she said ‘you know I just realised if it was waiting on me, it just wouldn’t happen’.

The best advice I can give is to hire an editor, a virtual assistant, the tools you need and get on fivver to keep growing as an entrepreneur.

5. Reduce Social Media Scroll

I’m not going to judge you and assume you spend 7 nights a week on Netflix. Chances are if you’re here it’s because you are trying to create a business while holding down other commitments.

This means binge TV is only a thing when you feel optimally fed up, or ill. Me too! And we can get like that when we realise the hard work is not paying off. 

No I’m talking to addictive mobile use. The hours wasted playing the comparison game with everyone leading an instagram perfect life.

Perhaps like me you jump on to create a post and engage with your favourite people. And before you know it you are stuck in scroll comparison. Feeling like an imposter.

I found I needed to make a huge shift in behaviour and at first I had to completely disconnect with the social feeds.

I started scheduling posts on 3rd party tools like Hootsuite, Agorapulse, or Meta Business (FaceBook & Instagram). It meant my engagement was less but I wasn’t comparing all the time.

Then when I felt I had established a routine I only went on social media in the day to post or go live. Then I might spend half an hour answering DMs and commenting on others in the evening.

Instead of wasting the precious day.

Try to find creative ways to reward yourself for the good habits and make unbreakable rules that don’t permit you to scroll until you’ve completed your action.

When I started my side hustle I had a successful demanding corporate career, two kids under 5 and was the main bread winner.

I can honestly say mastering time, your mindset, having focus and clarity will see you well on the way to building your dream life.

To your freedom

Sue Parker

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